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Smartphone has taken such an important place in everyone’s life that most of the people depend entirely on it for different reasons. There is no doubt that everyday new app is getting released as it has shown a tremendous impact in the life of people. iOS has embraced and enriched the mind of people to a great extent. This has given a great opportunity for the developers to come up with the most innovative ways to show their skill and talent. Today, due to the increasing demand for the iPhone, the app store review has gained equally more popularity.Know more about App StoreOver the past few years, the technology has advanced so much that instead of regular wired phones people have this craze of using Smartphones. Talking about the technology, it seems that software and applications are also growing to a great extent and the growth of iOS apps from few years is certainly cannot be ignored. Since the time, Apple has opened such store, more than millions of people rely on it. Although Android has proven to be the tough competition for iOS apps but in terms of quality and delivery performance along with the rigorous review, App store works the best. Such store doesn’t accept the junk apps and only keeps the one that has set a good standard already.App store never prefer to compromise with the quality and now it has started providing the customers with a vibrant ecosystem. The developers are more excited to get into new genuine apps that can be selected by the App store. It does not matter whether you are a new developer or has been into this field from a long time, by creating apps for the App store, you get best possible guidance so that you gain all the confidence about the app as it will be reviewed quickly and get ready for the users to explore it.Reason why App review is so important:If the reviews for the app are not received on time, it leads to disappointment and discouragement. It somehow affects the reliability to a great extent. For developers it literally becomes impossible to expect what all reasons may cause the apps crash down in the real world. Once the app goes live, it is app store review by which the developer gets an idea and a detailed report about the bugs directly from the users. This helps the developers to fix the problem and provide the right user friendly app to the customers. Thus, such app review not only rejects the useless app but also lets the developer know about it sooner.With right reviews, developers can make the right app. There is most of the website that hardly release any kind of update once a week or twice a week. However, apple takes into account every company that creates app and informs about the reliability of these apps.Things you need to learn through app review:Over the past few years, many developers shared their experience of working with the app store. As per these developers they submitted many apps to the app store and faced few rejections as well but working with app store was a fun experience. It offers all sort of fair guidelines which the developers use and then work on the new app which they create and avoid making the similar mistake which they previously made.Reasons of Rejection in App store:Rejection with Regards to Metadata: This is quite common as many rejections occur if metadata is not edited and submitted on time. In metadata, consideration of demo user credentials, rating of the app, name of the app and version of the app should be wisely noted down. Your app should not have beta version and login credentials must be provided in such a way that Apple reviews can inspect the inner pages and its features.Rejection due to App Crashes: While sailing through app store review, be careful with the unstable app. If there is any kind of app that crashes, apple will straight way reject it. Ensure that you submit the first version of an app along with the second version while making sure that back end does not get affected.Rejection due to lack of Creative Designs: Apple never compromises with the user interface. If you don’t have the right creative design for the app and unnecessary similar icons are stuffed, then apple will reject the app. You have to be careful while making the icons and ensure that those are not similar otherwise, Apple will reject it by the reason of deemed fraud and rejection.Navigation: In an app if there is a payment integration made, then remember, app purchase gains total 30% of revenue. If the developer doesn’t use IAP then a valid reason for the same needs to be given. It is better in that way to stay connected with the navigation process of IAP.Essential Tips that can be helpful:If there is any content which is not related to the user account, it must be kept on the sign up page. Contact us, terms and conditions, policy and About US page to name a few pages that need to be present in other the sign up page or before that.Your app should not have the page asking the user for their any personal information like email address, age, gender, phone number, and other private details otherwise it can lead to direct rejection.You should always keep other platforms supporting your app secret. Never reveal the details that support your app. If your app is available in android, then do not advertise them in your app that you are planning to publish on app store.Keep these pointers in mind and architect the iOS app in the right manner. If it is user friendly too you will not have any reason for rejection.

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Technology has been a recognizable and familiar subject to us since several years now. With the news of rapid growth and prosperity, technology has been intermittently involved in our daily lives and has made us completely dependable on it.Few factsWhen we talk of the term technology we generally mean the functioning of tools and systems in order to be used for various purposes. Technology has made huge advancements worldwide and according to the recent review is considered to be the core element for the growth of the human civilization. Though its beneficial side is pretty significant and is highly talked about yet there lie few basic disadvantages which have a toll on the society too.From television to computer, technology comprises of almost every item around us. Technology has its pros and cons on the children and the teenagers specially.Effect of television and computerThe television is certainly termed as an idiot box sometimes due to the lack of concentration that the students face because of seeing it. It serves as a strong means of distraction for many people and the different varieties of shows portrayed in them make people addicted towards it. Sometimes children often try to perform few stunts and fights that they see and thus lead to accident. On the other hand few interesting channels like the news and discoveries are also shown which provides knowledge and information to everyone on different topics also.Computers are also an example of technical proliferation and are one of the most addictive elements. Students avail different information and news from all over the world through the access of internet. On one hand it helps students out in their studies and education on the other hand it also sometimes makes them lost in the world of entertainment.E-learning and digital teachingE-learning is one of the common methods of providing education these days. The modern schools and colleges make full use of this E-learning. The E-books are also available for every subject. Professors and teachers have taken up the policy of digital teaching along with various slide presentations and animations in order to make the topic more interesting and understandable by the students. The review of the above process has been very successful till date. Teachers are given training on how to use these modern technologies too. Various news channels have also adopted such methods of reading.Various domestic appliancesDifferent array of appliances are accessible for every purposes. Work has been made easy and convenient along with providing speedy output. According to some review though this has been of much relaxation but in reality it has also made people much more lethargic than before. Their ability of working is ceased with time and the activity also diminishes. With every upcoming technology though people are advancing and enhancing their own lifestyles and thoughts yet the power of innovation is facing a huge challenge.ConclusionTechnology is an enigmatic word which is highly dependable on the user. It can be positive or negative according to the recent review. It can thus be framed as a blessing in disguise depending on the frame of reference.